frameworkOrganizational Standards COE was developed to assist States and local CSBG-eligible entities to set and meet high organizational standards that can be used across the Network. The COE was called upon to develop a product with input from all key stakeholders, and create tools for organizational assessment that can be used by States and local CSBG eligible entities to set and meet high-quality organizational standards and enhance accountability.

  • Assess organizational capacity and performance in the CSBG Network by facilitating input from Community Action Agencies, State CSBG Offices, RPICs, State Associations, and national CSBG T/TA partners on new and/or existing Organizational Standards.
  • Coordinate and lead activities related to implementation of Organizational Standards that will ensure that Community Action Agencies have the organizational capacity to effectively address the needs of low-income individuals and communities.
  • Develop curricula and training materials for tools that will ensure that all Community Action Agencies can be effectively assessed according to a consistent set of Organizational Standards.
  • Collaborate with RPICs, ROMA Next Generation COE, CSBG Legal T/TA Center, and other CSBG national T/TA partners and stakeholder organizations
  • Continue to build and enhance the web-based CSBG T/TA Resource Center to ensure that State CSBG Offices, State Associations, and CAAs have access to a web-based shared calendar, T/TA request system, consultant bank, and discussion forums.

Assist States and CAAs to set and meet high performance standards that can be used across the Network in areas such as:

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Operations
  • Consumer Input and Involvement
  • Community Engagement
  • Board Governance

Lead Organization:

  • The Community Action Partnership (CAP)

Current Activities:

  • Click here for the Community Action Partnership’s updated website