In 2011, the Office of Community Services (OCS), as part of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), established 11 Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia in the nation to enhance state, regional, and national T/TA strategy for collaboration, capacity-building and exemplary practices in the CSBG network.

NYSCAA is the lead organization for Region II which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. As the lead in Region II, NYSCAA’s role is to serve as the regional focal point to lead T/TA capacity-building activities.


  • Project Goal 1: Maximizing and aligning HCCT T/TA resources and coordinating regional T/TA Plans.
  • Project Goal 2: Identify and highlight capacity building practices for State CSBG Lead Agencies, State Associations, and CSBG-eligible entities to share and promote cross-learning throughout identified region.
  • Project Goal 3: Organize, implement, and participate in national or regional T/TA activities designed to address the collaboration, capacity building, and exemplary practice needs of the CSBG Network to support the full implementation of the CSBG HCCT.
  • Project Goal 4: Helping State CSBG Lead Agencies and local CSBG-eligible entities implement, meet and exceed organizational standards in areas such as consumer input and involvement, community engagement, community assessment, organizational leadership, board governance, strategic planning, human resource management, financial operations and oversight, and data and analysis.