About Community Action Angels

Community Action Angels is a volunteer and resource development program model administered by Wyoming County Community Action (WCCA). Individual programs are custom to agency and community needs, coordinated by staff and assisted by an Advisory Board and other dedicated volunteer representatives of villages, towns and cities throughout the agency’s service area.

The Community Action Angels programs focus is on helping all individuals and families to become self-sufficient as well as to help those whose employment income disqualifies them from assistance to remain self-sufficient. These programs are committed to addressing the physical, academic and social needs of children where current programs fall short or are non-existent.

There are over 70 project resources, publications and other resources available to download on the new Community Action Angels NY Website.

The resources on the Community Action Angels New York website are open to all New York Community Action Agency staff. If you would like to access these resources, click here to request your login information.

We have prepared a video to demonstrate some features and resources available to you on the Community Action Angels website. Click below to watch!