Community Action Resource Guide

The Community Action Resource Guide lists the services that are available at each of the Community Action Agencies in NY State.

There is a large amount of data in the guide – so we have offered multiple views of the same data. Each view is exportable and printable. Click here to watch a short, three minute video below that will help get you started.

Suggested Starting Points:

  • Wish to print a full listing of all agencies and the details of the services they provide? Click here.
  • Looking for a concise listing of what major service categories each agency offers? Click here.
  • Wish to search via text and view results on a map? Click here
  • Looking to delve deeper into a specific category of service? Click here.

 Link to View


Searchable View and Map A searchable listing and map of all services.
Detail Search A view listing all subcategories. Useful to find agencies that have a certain service, such as a Food Pantry.
Summary Table – TextA listing of all agencies with all services listed. This can be downloaded to print to whichever paper size you choose.
Major Service Categories A listing of major service categories provided by each agency. This page is useful for a high-level view of services provided.
Category Detail Print View

Click on the links below to view details of services by category.