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Job title:

Finance Director

Brief Job Description:

The incumbent is responsible for the oversight of all agency financial and accounting operations. The incumbent provides oversight of the development of agency budgets and expenditures of resources, and serves as an advisor for program managers in relation to program financial planning and suggesting greater cost-effectiveness.

Essential Job Functions:
The following is a summary of the essential functions of this job. The incumbent may perform other duties, both major and minor, not mentioned below, and essential functions may be revised.

1. Assumes a leadership role as part of agency management in the creation and development/evolution of agency culture and values.
2. Develops, implements, and maintains the accounting systems and procedures necessary to carry out the fiscal activities of the agency. Implements and maintains the accounting software system, GMS, including frequent updates and troubleshooting current or potential issues.
3. Supervises and trains staff to insure accuracy and timely completion of financial responsibilities.
4. Provides oversight of accounting, audit, tax, and payroll activities (including tax reporting and W-2 preparation) for the agency in accordance with applicable Federal and State regulations. Oversees and assists with the timely and accurate preparation of 1099’s. Establishes and administers fiscal reporting systems and standards. Prepares accurate and timely financial reports which summarize and forecast agency fiscal activities in areas of income and expenses for review by CEO, program managers (monthly), and Board members (bi-monthly).
5. Provides oversight to insures that all statutory, regulatory, or other financial requirements of multiple funded grants are met, and generally accepted principles of accounting are applied that meet the funding agency's financial policy standards and grant conditions.
6. Prepares annual and long-range financial plans/budgets, and assumes responsibility for the financial portion of the Agency’s strategic plan as part of overall responsibility for the financial planning and budgeting process of the agency.
7. Oversees cash management systems, including short-term investments, loans, and bank accounts. Prepares cash management reports. Reviews and approves the disbursement of funds. Reviews accounts payable and payroll checks, signs, and forwards to CEO for signature.
8. Establishes and enforces procurement policies and procedures according to best practices in accounting. Reviews and suggests changes to policies and procedures as necessary to the CEO.
9. Reviews, analyzes, and interprets the agency’s risk management systems.
10. Maintains corporate records in compliance with government regulations and internal needs. Schedules annual audit of agency’s accounts, which includes required Single Audit according to OMB Uniform Guidance, and provides requested information to auditors.
11. Acts as a liaison with funding sources, auditors, and others as directed by the CEO.
12. Provides oversight, with the Deputy Director, of grant files for auditing requirements.
13. Develops, implements, and maintains Cost Allocation Plan on an annual basis in compliance with the requirements of Uniform Guidance.
14. Consistently demonstrates a commitment to Opportunities’ mission, objectives and outcomes.
15. Consistently displays good work habits, initiative and enthusiasm, and invests in learning opportunities to discover, develop, and apply new skills.
16. Consistently demonstrates the ability to effectively interact with co-workers, consumers, vendors, outside agencies, and the public with emotional maturity, good judgment, tact, and courtesy.
17. Efficiently communicates, comprehends, and carries out oral and written instructions.
18. Ensures consumer confidentiality according to regulations and agency policy.
19. Properly reports all work-related accidents and completes the appropriate reports.
20. Attends all meetings and trainings as required by the agency and in compliance with grants, and actively acquires/maintains certifications and credentials necessary for performance of duties.
21. Performs other duties as assigned, including assisting other agency programs as directed.

Acceptable Experience and Training: The incumbent must minimally possess a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration; or an equivalent combination of experience and education related to the job requirements. Additionally, two years of administrative or supervisory experience and four years of relevant knowledge within a not-for-profit organization is preferred. Compensation is relative to experience and skills listed above.

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How to Apply:

Applications can be downloaded from the website (https://www.lewiscountyopportunities.com/career-opportunities) or picked up at the office. Please return your entire application packet (complete with agency application, resume and cover letter) in person or by mail to HR Director; Lewis County Opportunities, Inc.; 8265 State Rte. 812; Lowville, NY 13367, or emailed to lcherry@lcopps.org.

Application Deadline: