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Albany Community Action Partnership

Job title:

Assistant Director of Community and Career Services

Brief Job Description:

This is a management level position that supervises -employment specialists and retention specialists. Responsibilities will involve supervision, compliance and quality assurance, case management of the agency’s workforce development activities. The scope of the position encompasses the entire Community and Career Services program, with a focus on implementing a ‘two-generation’ effort driven by a workforce perspective. Primary duties include but are not limited to:
Plans organize and implement program objectives and initiatives in coordination with agency objectives, assuming responsibility for direct oversight of outcomes and outreach activities
Serve as a liaison to both ACAP’s early childhood education program and other ‘birth to eight’ early childhood education providers when integrating workforce development efforts. Provide coordinated, collaborative services through intentional partnerships between workforce development and early childhood education/care sectors that remove barriers and advance greater employment outcomes.
Works closely with a variety of internal and external stakeholders/partners to ensure that adequate systems and collaborations are in place to maintain the highest quality of services to children and families.
Collect, provide and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to assess program progress and measure outcomes working with external evaluators to establish common metrics for tracking progress toward outcomes.

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